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Is there a question, preferably costs related, that’s been troubling you? No matter how complicated or silly it may be, we will be delighted to assist in our free costs clinic sessions. Simply email me with your troubles and an answer will be given for free.

Perhaps you are unsure whether your retainer complies with the distant selling regulations or your LEI may not be sufficient to cover the forthcoming trials. Maybe you have a part 47.19 offer and you are unsure whether to accept or not. Do not hesitate to DM me at the costs clinic at Carlisle Legal Costing


‘Interest’ grows for New Year’s Judgements

In the New Year, the court is set to hear the appeal from Motto v Trafigura as to whether interest should be allowed  on costs from the date of judgement or from a later date in cases funded by way of CFAs.

In quick summary of the cases to date, the issue was raised in Gray v Toner where it was adjudged that interest was not recoverable on costs until a final costs certificate has been issued.

In Motto v Trafigura, it was adjudged that the court should use its discretion and apply interest from the date of the costs certificate rather than from the date of the judgement. This is the subject of appeal in January 2012.

However, Master Leonard has now thrown his hat into the legal ring with the case of Kurian v Falzon and ordered that interest should be payable on costs from the date of Judgement.

Which way will the Law Lords go in January? There is significant public policy arguments in favour of both possible outcomes. Probably the worst outcome will be a case specific outcome whereby further satellite litigation will be generated.

Jackson fallout continues

Further spectacular fallouts continue to become obvious from the Jackson report.

Decisions eminating from Norwich County Court bring the viability of cases being conducted under Conditional Fee Agreements into question.

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What Solicitor’s should have been told at university

When I attended university all those years ago, I learnt a lot. Some was relevant, but not all. When I got into the big wide world, I started to learn all over again.

Over the next few weeks, the intention is to reveal what, from a Costs Lawyer’s point of view, the lecturers should have told you about being in practice, how to run a case, how to be profitable and other legal jargon.

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Ten Years of Carlisle Legal Costing

Ten years ago, plans were being put into place to form Carlisle Legal Costing. A lot has happened over those 10 years: the fallout from the CFA Regulations 2000 and the subsequent revocation, predictable costs for RTAs, Jackson Report and the retirement of David Johnston, one of the founder partners.

On 11 February 2012, we will be celebrating the 10th anniversary and once again plans are being put in place to mark the occasion and to shape the business for the next ten years.

What would you like to see from us to mark the occasion and progress the business in the future? Prizes will be awarded for the most imaginative ideas for how to mark the occasion.

Keep an eye out for special promotions over the coming months.