Giles v Veolia part 2

Further to my earlier post regarding Giles v Veolia, Taylor Rose saw fit to appeal. The appeal was due to be heard on 11th April in the Court Of Appeal. However, at the 11th hour, Taylor Rose have withdrawn their appeal.

Where does that leave Horwich Farrelly, Berrymans, Keoghs, Keelys and Shakespeare who have been riding on the back of Taylor Rose’s appeal having argued that Giles had no wider relevance before changing tune to say they’re not paying ATE pending the Giles appeal. Will be interesting to see if now they capitulate and start paying up since Giles was so relevant.


Change Management

Some call it J day, others call it April Fools Day.

Either way 1st April is going to be the dawn of a new era in legal services and its vital for firms to react and adapt. We have had to repeatedly adapt as we grow up and its now different in law firms. Adapting to the new rules, regulations and opportunities is key.

If you need help, a word of wisdom or ideas on survival, do not hesitate to ask. Hesitation will lead to failure.

Good luck