Do Judges understand the new rules?

Just like lawyers, there are good judges and those that are less good. But why are they less good? Comments from the judiciary that whilst there’s a queue of family cases, priority will not be given to budgeting does not endear them to fee earners who have had to sweat and pull their hair out trying to get the costs budget right, with the phases correctly described.

The training that they have received is less than a weekly dose of Coronation Street, and the changes to the portal and introduction of budgeting are radical. So is it any wonder judges who were barristers or have long ceased to practice fail to understand the intricacies of the portal?

As such all advocates need an understanding of how these work in order to explain the same to the judge. By being able to explain how these things work at the coal face, the results and outcomes follow.

Instructing an advocate who understands these things is therefore critical to obtain the required results.


2 thoughts on “Do Judges understand the new rules?

  1. @walcd quite correctly pointed out that provisional assessments taking over will reduce drastically the number of detailed assessments. However, consideration also has to be given to Stage 3 hearings – no longer is it appropriate to send in Counsel who is unfamiliar with costs rules and unprepared to argue the same – unless you want to lose

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