Dumbing Down

The ABI have for many years been driving for the whole process for claiming for compensation to be dumbed down.

In fact they go as far to say that there is no need to involve solicitors. They screw down legal fees to the point that the only claimant firms that can do the work are those with low overheads and large volumes.

But now we are seeing the latest trick.

Having made the entire process so simple and dumbed down, they then pick holes in the claim left due to the simplification of the process and imply its sinister. Not just sloppy – sinister

They wheel out senior barristers charging over £5k for a low value fast track trial to not only leave the claimant solicitors with nothing, but the claimants with nothing entirely through the legal profession having to adopt this dumbed down portal forced on the claimants by the ABI who would rather spend £5k on lining the barristers pocket than give it to a claimant.

Is this right?

Claimants and their lawyers need to become masters of pedantry and not lose the art of being solicitors.