The Chinese Curse

“May you live in interesting times” is often described as the Chinese Curse, although according to Wikipedia, the only thing that comes close in Chinese tradition is “rather live as a dog in peaceful times than to live as a human in turbulent times.”

Indeed when Lord Justice Jackson set out to try and simplify the legal world and how much solicitors are paid, I do not think it was foreseen that instead there would be more work for costs draftsman and costs lawyers.

These are indeed interesting times. Regularly attending court to explain how budgets work to mystified judges and opponents alike, a number of brethren costs draftsman have never been busier. There is a wide difference in approach regarding how to prepare budgets and it is therefore critical that an experienced draftsman is utilised and even better  knowing that the draftsman is happy to attend court to explain the same to an often confused Judge who wonders why a budget appears to be claiming £200,000 for something he would only allow £20,000 for if it were to be summarily assessed after a trial.