How much does the Government’s decisions cost?

Every time the government makes a change in policy, there is a cost consequence. At present, the costs consequences of the Jackson reforms are unknown but one would estimate that they will be significant. However, the costs consequences of other decisions are known.

We were instructed to act for one of the local authorities in a Judicial Review of a decision by the Secretary of State for Education, when he decided to cancel the buildings for schools program on the grounds that it was believed that the costs of such a scheme were inflated. The costs consequences of one decision, no matter how reasonable the decision was, resulted in significant costs being paid both by the local authorities and the relevant bodies responsible for the building programs to their legal representatives, such bill of costs ultimately being passed on to the government. The costs consequences collectively had several figures.

It is clear that it is necessary to account and justify every decision made both by the government, and those challenging the decisions such are the costs consequences. It is therefore important to work with a costs conscious firm of experts such as Carlisle Legal Costing, when conducting litigation.