Coaches & managers are in the news at the moment, particularly with regards to England Football and England Rugby. For what its worth, my view is that England Rugby set up has it right with appointing an overall head coach, with a Defence coach, forwards coach, attack coach – experts in the relevant field. Looking at the football side, why not have a central figurehead, with coaches such as Southgate and Pearce, not just training England as and when required, but then going to clubs up and down the country preaching the England way – how England want to do things, getting the message right and inspiring players to develop.  I adopt the experts method when coaching my under 11s rugby team, with a fitness coach, forwards coach and backs coach and someone overlooking to ensure that all players develop equally and to the best of their ability.

It is clear that having the right support, expertise and coaching is vital in business as well as on the sports field.  In order to survive over the next few years, law firms need to surround themselves with the correct support team. The most important is someone concentrating solely on funding, profitability and costs. It still surprises me how many solicitors only think about the client’s interests. This is admirable, but you cannot support/protect your client with nothing in the bank. However, not all firms can employ someone full time to do this, so why don’t you outsource to the experts?

We have 10 years experience in doing exactly what all firms need to concentrate on – money. Let us ensure that you can protect your clients knowing that your cashflow is secure, that someone is protecting your interests, that your retainers, funding arrangements, costs recovery and reputation are preserved, protected and underwritten by the best provider – Carlisle Legal Costing.