Third Party Funding

We are currently on the look out for good quality business disputes who require some financial security.

Why would I need security, my client has a good case?

Many cases are perceived to be good, but they are subject to the same vagaries of the judiciary as all cases. I will never forget the case where the head of cleaning, responsible for ensuring there existed a safe system of cleaning and inspection, noted a banana skin on the stairs as she went up the staircase, but since her hands were full she admitted to making a mental note of picking it up on the way down. Sadly she came down faster than expected having slipped on the banana skin. The Defence thought they had no cause for concern as the cleaner was at fault. The DJ thought otherwise. On appeal, the Judge observed that he would have found for the Defence, but could see why the DJ sided with the Claimant and therefore the claim stood.

Why would you use Carlisle Legal Costing?

We have been involved in a wide cross section of litigation and have vast knowledge of case management and through our contacts are in the best position to put you in touch with a costs efficient solution to your funding needs.


Legal Services Guide

To mark the firm’s 10th Anniversary, we have been busy putting together top articles, notes and thoughts on all things costs related and put it together with some fantastic articles from friends on business management issues to create an ebook.


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Topics include:

Third Party Costs Orders

Third Party Funding


File Management

Change Management







Recovery of high interest rates

In F&C Alternative Investments (Holdings) Ltd v Francois Barthelemy & Anthony Culligan, parties to a complex litigation had been compelled to take out loans at a high rate of interest to pay for their legal costs, and where their opponent had acted in such a way as to attract an order for costs on the indemnity basis, it was appropriate that they should be paid interest on costs at the actual rate that they had been forced to incur.

Will this have any future role in cases where third party funders are involved? Will be a something to keep an eye in future.